Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: What do you think about Firebird official site?
Author Jiri Cincura
On 1/19/08, Carlos H. Cantu (TeamFB) <listas@...> wrote:
> "Exploring" the site is a problem. A good site doesn't need to be
> explorered. The information needs to be easily available - with no
> need to explore to find it.

I agree with you. The site is really "wide". Sometimes
I have a problem to find something. IMO some clear navigation to most
common used sections will be good improvement. Some say, that more
than 4-6 levels in navigation is the maximum. On the site is also a
lot of obsolete materials or stuff not important for anybody (ok,
maybe for somebody, but then (s)he is able to find it) [for example, or ...?op=devel] .

I think, creating clear navigation, keeping relatively small group of
pages up-to-date, simple design and we're a little bit further.

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