Subject RE: [Firebird-general] What do you think about Firebird official site?
Author Codebue Fabio - P-Soft
I think our main website really need a new face to attract user, to explain
better what why where who are FirebirdSQL.
Naturally it's not important who wanna do this work, but it's important that
someone do it!

Usually when I have to decide to use a new product, first thing I search
official site. I watch it an try to understand:
1. there are some docs explain to me all features
2. there is a strong community behind
3. there are documentation to support my development
3. there support like mailing list, newsgroup

I know... there all these things into website now... but it's a bit
difficult to find them.

I hope we will restyling it, I know it's not a primary issue but while
someone follow bugfix, test QA, develop new features, docs... someother
could develop new site.

Just decide who ... ;)

Ps Leister about wiki I agree with you and probably it's important that docs
group try to implement it.

Codebue Fabio
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