Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: What do you think about Firebird official site?
Author Hannes Streicher
Hello All

> ...and finally, as the last person in the world still using dialup at
> home and with an old guy's vision :), I'd prefer a cleaner layout. At

you are not alone here , low bandwidth connections are coming back
think of using a cellphone to access a website on the road
so Keep It Short and Simple aka KISS is a good way for the website

2) i still thing that the software needs more attention then the
website currently firebird is not massmarket suitable
as long as the security is still in a central file

i was just locked out of my own programms/db's by some elses programm
who silently installed firebird and replaced security2.fdb

if i wud have a mass market program i would have a lot of angry
phonecalls because it is my programm not working any more even so the
other guy messed it up

and please no comments on "have the User mark down the SYSDBA password
upon install" ninety percent of Joe and Jane Average will not do that

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