Subject Re: What do you think about Firebird official site?
Author Smarts Broadcast Systems
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> Please vote in the new poll at

I've cast my vote in the ``Yes'' column. Since the bulk of the
followup responses seems to be here as opposed to firebirdnews, here
are a few elaboration points:

1). As stated downthread, the PostgreSQL site is clean and easy to
navigate. I also prefer that all documentation be available online in
HTML form as opposed to having to fetch a PDF. This is applicable to
the InterBase manuals, which still must be consulted for things such
as the API.

2). Helen Borrie has encouraged me to explore the website further to
seek information. While I have done so, I still find that the
organization can be improved.

I cite the presence of the FAQ on another wesbite instead of being
incorporated within the main site itself.

Navigating through is
difficult (at least for me). The ``firebird-general'' forum is buried
toward the end of a lot of material. Until Helen guided me in that
direction, I wasn't even aware of its existence.

...and finally, as the last person in the world still using dialup at
home and with an old guy's vision :), I'd prefer a cleaner layout. At
the risk of using the P-word too often, the elephant's website is
close to ideal for me. Of course YMMV and it's all IMHO.