Subject Re: vs. vs. firebird-support
Author Smarts Broadcast Systems
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:

> At 07:01 PM 13/01/2008, you wrote:

> From most of your recent questions directed at the support list, I
> get the impression you haven't explored much of the firebird
> website. Click through on all the topmenu sub-items and you'll
> find you don't have to go far. The Documentation Index and
> the Lists and Newsgroups pages would be especially worth a visit.

Indeed they are great resources. Up to this point, I've mostly relied
on ``The Firebook Book'' and consulting the source code.

> Do you have a real name? or do people just call you Smarts? ;-)

Smarts Broadcast Systems is the name of the organization that employs
me. My name is Bob Nelson.

The signature that you use (./heLen) is interesting. It almost looks
like the invocation of a shell script. :-)