Subject vs. vs. firebird-support
Author Smarts Broadcast Systems
This is a repost of a query that was incorrectly entered into the
support group. If this an FAQ, my searching for an answer was in vain.
So, here are a few quick question related to support and obtaining

1). What's the purpose of two different web sites, both of which
appear to be related to Firebird. In particular, why do both
``'' and ``'' exist? I discovered that
``...IBPhoenix is the premier portal for the Firebird Open Source
Relational database''.

2). Why is the ``firebird-support'' group hosted here on Yahoo (as
opposed to being within either ``'' or ``'')?

3). For those of us using a *nix platform, are manpages in the
pipeline for the command-line utilities such as ``gfix'', ``gstat''
and so on? This is not a wishlist item because I realize that the
excellent book from Helen Borrie already covers these well. I'm just
curious since there are ``No matching issues found'' when querying the
``'' site.

None of these are complaints. Working primarily in a Linux
environment, I'm well accustomed to having to visit several different
web sites, newsgroups, manpages and HOWTOs to gather information.