Subject Re: ANN: New firebird applications list
Author Stephen Boyd

Equally respectfully;

1) Different people look for things in different ways. It never hurts
to spread the net as widely as possible. While it may be true that
there will now be two places to go, it also means that people will be
twice as likely to find at least one of them.

2) I may not have any better luck. But I do know that if you don't
try you are guaranteed to fail.

3) One or two good lists are fine if they are good lists and you know
where to find them. But based on the content of the existing lists
you would be led to believe that Firebird is a fringe product used by
very few. We all know that that is not the case, and I am NOT
slamming Paul's efforts. He can only list those sites that people
submit to him.

Perhaps all of the Firebird developers out there have all the business
they can handle and simply don't care about promoting their products.
Perhaps this is the wrong way to go about it. Who knows? I
certainly don't. I just thought that this was a different way to go
about it and if it tanks, so be it. At least I tried something.