Subject RE: [Firebird-general] Re: ANN: New firebird applications list
Author Leyne, Sean

> I am aware of these pages and am, in fact, listed on them. I even
> provide a link to these pages from the newsgroup home page. However,
> not many people take advantage of the service that you offer. We all
> know that there are more people developing commercial apps with
> Firebird but a lot of if seems to be stealth ware. I'm not trying to
> take away from what you are offering, just trying to provide another
> access point for people looking for Firebird apps. As far as I am
> concerned, the more ways that people have to find out about Firebird
> in general, and my app in particular, the better.


1 - As Carlos and Paul have already pointed out there are 2 places where
people can add themselves to a list of Firebird enabled product. Don't
you think a third place is only going to make it more confusing for
people to know where to go?

2 - If, as you say, "not many people take advantage of the service that
you offer"; why do you think you'll have any better luck?

I would prefer 1 or 2 good lists them any number of so-so lists.

Accordingly, I would suggest that your efforts might be better placed if
you encouraged people use the 2 services/pages that are already