Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Mandriva support
Author Lester Caine
Philippe Makowski wrote:
> Le 02/03/2007 17:06, Lester Caine a dit :
>>> The Firebird RPMs just install painlessly....what are you waiting for?
>> Something that does not say - can't install because something else is
>> missing. I have links to the Mandriva packages which appeared in an
>> email, but there seems to be a number of inter related packages rather
>> than a single 'install'. I'm just swapping a couple of hard disks around
>> before I can try again - and I've got SUSE 10.2 downloading since I've
>> had better luck with that in the past including PHP5 and Firebird :)
> don't give up
> Firebird and Php-drivers are in Mandriva
> but you have to setup correctly your rpm repositories that's all
> and then, no problem, even with the free edition
> the rpm for php is php-firebird

Philippe - I go to that link and it gives me a list 9 packages, 4
duplicates. I select the x86_64 and try and download it and then I seem
to get in a black hole. The mirrors page seems to forget the file it's
trying to find :(
I'm having similar problems with the firebird rpm's themselves - but I
have now managed to find a local repository with them all IN.

But more of a problem here is that the core PHP stuff refuses to load at
all. I've installed a new blank hard disk in this machine so I can use
the 250Gb in a different machine, and now Mandriva refuses to install at
all. It seems to need a pre-configured hard disk before the intaller
will work, and as I have found already - as I re-partition the disk it
will not install until I re-boot again presumable all this is because it
needs to store this media.cfg somewhere and can't cope if there is no
ware to store it or it is deleted by repartitioning :(

So once I can actually install Mandriva again .....

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