Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Mandriva support
Author Philippe Makowski
Le 02/03/2007 17:06, Lester Caine a dit :
>> The Firebird RPMs just install painlessly....what are you waiting for?
> Something that does not say - can't install because something else is
> missing. I have links to the Mandriva packages which appeared in an
> email, but there seems to be a number of inter related packages rather
> than a single 'install'. I'm just swapping a couple of hard disks around
> before I can try again - and I've got SUSE 10.2 downloading since I've
> had better luck with that in the past including PHP5 and Firebird :)
don't give up
Firebird and Php-drivers are in Mandriva
but you have to setup correctly your rpm repositories that's all
and then, no problem, even with the free edition
the rpm for php is php-firebird