Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Mandriva support
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:43 PM 2/03/2007, you wrote:
>Not sure if this is support or general but I'll start here since it's
>not really a Firebird problem :)
>I've been working through a few things and decided that I need to have a
>packaged Linux setup ready, so I thought Mandriva would be the way to go
>given the announcement at the Conference.
>Downloaded a DVD, burnt it, most impressed when having selected British
>English it installed *UK* stuff ( I wish Windows would do that! ), but
>then it fell over when I formated the hard disk.
>For the record - when it says 'media.cfg not found' you need to reboot
>so that the installer can find the NEW disk :) The many answers saying
>that the CD/DVD is corrupt are simply wrong as I found out after RE
>downloading everything :(
>Everything THEN went fine and in a lot less time that it takes to
>install XP I had a fully working AMD64 machine with the latest updates.
>So I want Apache, PHP and Firebird. Apache is on the list, and has
>installed, PHP refuses due to conflicts and Firebird is no where to be
>seen - just Postgres.
>I've had a search on the Mandrive site, and all I find is the press
>releases. So what is going on currently. Is a version of Mandrive
>available with Firebird ( and PHP )? Does any other distribution have
>Firebird included yet?

Yep, Mandriva Corporate.

But I run Firebird and Apache on Mandriva Community (which is
probably what you have if you downloaded it for free). No PHP at the moment...

The Firebird RPMs just install painlessly....what are you waiting for?