Subject RE: [Firebird-general] IBPhoenix Share Issue
Author Paul Beach
> I certainly find it an intersting idea to pursue. What I miss is the
> idea what IBPhoenix plan to do with the capital it gets. Are the old
> owner of the company planing to sell there shares? Or is the idea to
> raise the capital in the company?

Well, the old owners are not selling their shares, since only one share
has ever been issued. If more shares were issued, then the people eho
currently work for IBPhoenix would be allowed to buy shares too...

> As you wrote it's not charity but business (and I assume now that you
> use the money to raise the capital in the company) : why does IBPhoenix
> need some more capital? Do you want to extend the support services, like
> having branches in other countries? Or do you plan to use it for the
> development of Firebird?

The money would be used to raise capital. IBPhoenix per se doesn't need
more capital, we can go on as we are. However one of the things that
IBPhoenix types do, is work on Firebird project related things when not
doing things directly for our customers. As you can imagine a customer
problem comes first. But when we are not sorting other things out we work
on the project in various ways, Pavel - QA, Paul R. Windows builds, install,
Helen, Release notes etc, Dimitrios new bug tracker, Vulcan testing. Paul
B. You name it I do it.... i.e. we all get involved in various ways.

What is clear is the project needs more help in terms of QA, docs, development
etc and I was wondering if by adding to the resources of IBPhoenix, that some
of these extra resources could be targeted at other required Firebird stuff
as well. Currently our finances would not allow me to take on extra resources
but an injection of capital might, i.e. invest to grow...

So the answer to your question is both. An injection of capital does not pay
wages for ever, so we would have to grow the business, however, if we did get and
could afford more resources then the Firebird project would benefit as well.