Subject Re: [Firebird-general] IBPhoenix Share Issue
Author Daniel Achermann
Paul Beach wrote:
> Since IBPhoenix is a UK Ltd company - it has a right to issue shares to potential investors
> in the company, I have been contemplating this for quite a while, and wondered if there
> would be any interest out there for Firebird users, companies etc that would like
> to become shareholders in IBPhoenix? There are a number of reasons for thinking about
> this..
I certainly find it an intersting idea to pursue. What I miss is the
idea what IBPhoenix plan to do with the capital it gets. Are the old
owner of the company planing to sell there shares? Or is the idea to
raise the capital in the company?

As you wrote it's not charity but business (and I assume now that you
use the money to raise the capital in the company) : why does IBPhoenix
need some more capital? Do you want to extend the support services, like
having branches in other countries? Or do you plan to use it for the
development of Firebird?

Daniel Achermann