Subject Re: MySQL to Fight Oracle With Firebird or SolidDB?
Author mailmur
SolidTech implements transaction-aware db format for MySql, known as
solidDB. Do MySQL going to have every possible table engine available?

It is quite clear that innodb format might fall to a limbo state. But
is Jim Starkey's team going to create an inhouse transaware format at

No point having too much engines to serve same solution. It just
confuse customers.

I have used soliddb as an desktop engine many many years ago, client
was Borland Delphi apps. It was easy to use and quite fast engine, but
then it dissapeared from the desktop market.

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> Please see:
> MySQL is moving out of web-space and moving into transaction-space,
> which is traditionally our turf.
> I'm betting a bottle of my favorite champagne (Veuve Cliquot) that
> MySQL will have a transactional engine similar in design to Firebird
by the time it goes public.