Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: Firebird Universal Binary for intel Mac
Author Ann W. Harrison
alonsong2002 wrote:

> actually, I'm not realy interested in the Universal part of this more than having an intel only
> version that can be installed/used in OS X. In other words, not universal, just intel binary.
> I'm not expecting to work on a database some times using powerpc and others intel.

Two problems occur to me. One is that Firebird currently doesn't
compile under MacOSX - I think the problem is some liberties we took
in subclassing parts of stdlib. Sooner or later that will get fixed.
The other is that a universal binary is a universal binary - it would
work on either architecture and would report that correct databases
are corrupt on one architecture or the other. My thought at the
moment is that we'll need to have two Mac releases - Intel and PowerPC.