Subject Re: Firebird Universal Binary for intel Mac
Author alonsong2002
Thanks for your reply Ann,

actually, I'm not realy interested in the Universal part of this more than having an intel only
version that can be installed/used in OS X. In other words, not universal, just intel binary.
I'm not expecting to work on a database some times using powerpc and others intel.


--- In, "Ann W. Harrison" <aharrison@...> wrote:
> alonsong2002 wrote:
> > I am curious if any of you have or know of any plans to recompile
> > Firebird for the new Mac Intel OS X. From what I understand Firebird
> > would have to be compiled under GCC 4.X as this is the supported
> > compliler for the new Mac Intel OS X.
> The problem with a universal binary is that Firebird stores its
> data in the native format of the platform - big endian or little
> endian. The universal binary is both, which will lead, I fear,
> to tears before bedtime. The "data" is both user data and internal
> structural data.
> Regards,
> Ann