Subject Re: More horror, was Re: [Firebird-general] stop-sign problems
Author Aage Johansen
Helen Borrie wrote:
> At 08:25 PM 15/04/2006, Aage Johansen wrote:
>> Do you know which part(s) of the "updates" that did the "hosing"?
>> I've currently a bunch of updates waiting to be installed:
>> . Cumulativ Security Update for Internet Explorer for Windows XP (KB912812)
>> . Cumulativ Security Update for Outlook Express for Windows XP (KB911567)
>> . Security Update for Windows XP (KB908531)
>> . Security Update for Windows XP (KB911562)
> Those were the updates that were installed on my W2K box and
> (something) in there caused the problem[s].
>> . Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool - April 2006 (KB890830)
> I don't have this and Belarc Advisor doesn't list it as missing, so
> perhaps it's an XP-only one.
>> Although updates caused (obvious) troubles up to now, I am somewhat
>> reluctant to install the current ones.
>> I don't use IE or OE, and might not need the last one (Windows
>> Malicious Software Removal Tool). Maybe a "Windows Removal Tool"
>> would be a good idea...
> Amen to that. I've got a Ubuntu disk here that would do the trick.
> :-) I also have a full box Win XP Pro still in its shrink
> wrap. Given the regularity with which I interchange hardware on
> these systems, I'm really reluctant to install it on any particular
> machine, even though I should have it somewhere for doing QA
> testing. Might keep the main Windows machine on W2K and put XP on
> the notebook., which has probably had its last hardware
> upgrade..followed by the long litany of getting all the security
up to date...
>> I'm running WinXP Pro SP2, with NVIDIA GeForce 6600.
> OK, I've still got the same initial problem occurring as before. If
> I unplug the LAN cable from the router before booting up, I don't get
> the problem. Maybe I can live with that until M$ sends another
> hotfix to fix it...
> I'm not ruling out a bad LiveUpdate from Symantec as a player in
> this, either. I've got NIS 2003 here, with almost a year's
> subscription on it. Symantec refuses to support it because it's more
> than 2 years old. I have NIS 2004 on two other machines here, both
> licences expiring next month. In both cases, I download the
> Intelligent Updater because Symantec insists they are out of
> date. So I am biting the bullet. I've ordered 3 copies of Trend
> Micro PC-cillin 2006.
> Ech, like I've got time to mess about with these gross software

I've been using AVG for a while. Seems ok. And it is easy to get in
contact with support. I got rid of Symantecs stuff (NIS, NAV) some
time ago (even though my ISP provides it for free) - it created so
many problems and proved next to impossible to uninstall (on my Win2k
machine). Have you tried to contact their support? Some people
regard it as a virus...

I just installed the updates on my Win2k machine, and except for
needing some retries for a couple of files things look ok. So far.
I will install the updates (or some of them) - crossing fingers...

Aage J.