Subject Re: stop-sign problems
Author Carlos H. Cantu
My advice to all of you would be to use NOD32 ( Damn
fast, light and never missed a virus here! It got too many awards in
VirtusBulletin magazine.

I'm using it for years and I totally happy with it! In the past, I
have used f-prot, kapersky, thunderbyte, etc.


--- In, "Claudio Valderrama C."
<cvalde@...> wrote:
> I know we are drifting from FB, but this list allows one to drift
for some
> emails. First, the on-access scanner in f-prot is the worst I've
seen for
> Windows. Lots of crashes and their configuration options are a joke when
> compared with other vendors. However, the on-demand scanner is
pretty good.