Subject Sessions from FBC2005 etc. are now online
Author HKlemt
Dear Readers in this list,

we have just uploaded a releasecandidate from our new product IBExpertLive

What is IBExpertLive?

We have implemented a streaming System based on the Firebird
Database Server that publishes Pictures and Sounds as needed
to view the Presentations from 2004 and 2005 Firebird
Conferences. We will also add IBExpert tutorial videos to
learn more about working with Firebird and InterBase with
IBExpert. There are currently about 20GB of video data
available, with around 100 hours of firebird related
presentations from latest 2 Firebird conferences and
other events (see below for details)

IMPORTANT: Since the IBExpert Live Server might get a problem
when too many people load the videos at the same time, please
do not publish this outside this list before we publish
IBExpertLive Software officially.

you are allowed to invite individual interested users to use
this software, but please do not invite large user groups
with public announcements outside this list.

For using IBExpertLive, you need a firebirdconnection via
internet using port 13050 to our server on IP
If it does not work, please check first your firewall settings.
For reporting other problems with IBExpertLive, please use email
ibexpertlive@.... There might be some videos that are
not working now, even if they are on the list.


Best Regards

Holger Klemt

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The most Expert for InterBase and Firebird -
HK Software - 26135 Oldenburg - Germany - info@... -

FBC2005 Ann Harrison: How to repair corrupt databases
FBC2005 Nando Dassenda: Deploying Firebird transparently on Windows
FBC2005 Paul Reeves: ISQL Scripting Techniques
FBC2005 Andrew Morgan: Embedding and using sophisticated mathematics
in firebird: Fast Forrier transforms, data smoothing and high order
FBC2005 Fikret Hasovic: Open Source Delphi
FBC2005 Louiz Paolo: Implementing applications using Firebird API
(Interbase 6 API) in Delphi, Lazarus and Free Pascal
FBC2005 Jason Wharton: IB Objects for Newbies
FBC2005 Louiz Paolo: Techniques for migrating from My SQL to Firebird
FBC2005 Stefan Heymann: What Developers Should Know about Character
Sets, Unicode etc.
FBC2005 Lucas Franzen: Stored Procedures
FBC2005 Evegeney Putilin: Firebird and Java Stored Prozedures
FBC2005 Claus Heeg: Migration and integration of other Databases into
Firebird using Cold Fusion
FBC2005 Holger Klemt: Setting up a bidirectional Replication and other
Solutions based on execute Statement Commands
FBC2005 Paul Ruizendaal: Solutions Stacks Built on Firebird and PHP -
Another Flame in the Lamp?
FBC2005 Pavel Cisar: Firebird Quality Assurance
FBC2005 Dimitri Kouzmenko: Firebird Performance Optimization for
Different Applications
FBC2005 Thomas Steinmaurer: Audit Trails Transaction Log, Redo with
the IB LobManager product family
FBC2005 Milan Babuskov: The power of Firebird events
FBC2005 Martijn Tonies: The Firebird system tables
FBC2005 Kim Madsen: SOA using kbmMW (Delphi Win32/Net), BCB, Kylix)
FBC2005 Daniel Magin: Developing Database Application with
Delphi 2006
FBC2005 Mauricio Longo: Dynamic Databases - A Conceptual Overview
FBC2005 Carlos Cantu: PSQL in Action
FBC2005 Jim Starkey: Configuring Firebird and Vulcan for your application
FBC2005 Jim Starkey: Vulcan status, features und goals
FBC2005 Arno Brinkmann: Understanding the Optimizer I
FBC2005 Paul Beach: Firebird Future development: what to expect
FBC2005 Mauricio Longo: FireQ Firebird Based Messaging Infrastructure
(A Dynamic Database Implementation)
FBC2005 Roman Rokytskyy: JayBird - JCA/JDBC driver for Firebird
FBC2005 Roman Rokytskyy: JayBird - JCA/JDBC driver for Firebird
FBC2005 Lester Caine: Firebird on PHP - Intrgrate or abstract
FBC2005 Jeanot Bijpost: An introduction to Cathedrom
FBC2005 Andrew Morgan: Creating and managing recursive Structures
FBC2005 Holger Klemt: Firebird Server Performance - How to make your
application run faster
FBC2005 Ann Harrison: First steps in performance tuning
FBC2005 Milan Babuskov: FlameRobin - sadministration tool for Firebird
FBC2005 Claus Heeg: Building ERP web application based on Firebird and
Cold Fusion. Migrating from 4GL applications to web based Applications
FBC2005 Serg Vostrikov: Getting Started with FIBPlus
FBC2005 Arno Brinkmann: Under the hood: Data access paths
FBC2005 Pavel Cisar: Making your owen Firebird PowerTools with Python
FBC2005 Stefan Heymann: Using Firebird for Quality Management Software
FBC2005 Serg Vostrikov:
FBC2005 Fikret Hasovic:
FBC2005 Jeanot Bijpost:
FBC2005 Alex Peshkov:
FBC2005 Alex Peshkov:
FBC2005 Arno Brinkmann:
FBC2004 Helen Borrie: creating a shop (the new Example Firebird Database)
FBC2004 Helen Borrie: Stocking the Shelves and Browsing the store
FBC2004 Arno Brinkmann: Understanding the Optimizer in Firebird
FBC2004 Arno Brinkmann: The Optimizer in SQL Examples
FBC2004 Pavel Cisar: Wrestling Firebird
FBC2004 Pavel Cisar: Firebird QA
FBC2004 Ann Harrison: Lock print
FBC2004 Frank Ingermann: Client Performance
FBC2004 Frank Ingermann: FBFreeDB
FBC2004 Holger Klemt: The Power of "Execute Statements"
FBC2004 Holger Klemt: corrupt Databases, examples and Solutions
FBC2004 Holger Klemt: Firebird performance Workshop
FBC2004 Manuel Morbitzer: PHP and Firebird
FBC2004 Manuel Morbitzer: Firebird and Visual Studio .NET
FBC2004 Paul Reeves: Building Firebird Installation Kits for Win32
FBC2004 Paul Reeves: Firebird System Tables
FBC2004 Nicolay Samofatov: External Tables
FBC2004 Nicolay Samofatov: new backup technology
FBC2004 Jim Starkey: Vulcan Architecture
FBC2004 Jim Starkey: Vulcan Design Goals
FBC2004 Thomas Steinmaurer: Serverseitige Programmie-Techniken
FBC2004 Thomas Steinmaurer: Neuerungen in Firebird1.5
FBC2004 Martijn Tonies: An Introduction to Firebird for Database
FBC2004 Martijn Tonies: The Firebird PSQL language
FBC2004 Jason Wharton: IBO, Firebird and Advanced
FBC2004 Hilma Brodner: AvERP I Grundlagen und Administration
FBC2004 Hilma Brodner: AvERP II Programmierung
FBC2004 Paul Ruizendaal: Moving applications from Oracle to Firebird
FBC2004 Artur Anjos: Using Firebird over the Internet
FBC2004 Bastian Morbitzer: PHPtree Firebird basierende PHP Anwendung
für Dokumentation und Hilfssystem
FBC2004 Bastian Morbitzer: The Future of a global Firebird Online
Documentation System
FBC2004 Frank Ingermann: The Sparkey of the year Event
FBC2004 Ann Harrison: QLI
FBC2004 Lester Caine: PHP - Life after Builder6
FBC2004 Marc o Dunehue: Firebird and Java I
FBC2004 Marc o Donehue: Firebird and Java II
FBC2004 Bernd UA: Delphi 8 and Firebird .NET Provider