Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Sessions from FBC2005 etc. are now online
Author Aitor Gómez González
Si sacas un rato y puedes estaría bien bajar todo esto. Mila esker.

2006/3/11, HKlemt <hklemt@...>:
> Dear Readers in this list,
> we have just uploaded a releasecandidate from our new product IBExpertLive
> What is IBExpertLive?
> We have implemented a streaming System based on the Firebird
> Database Server that publishes Pictures and Sounds as needed
> to view the Presentations from 2004 and 2005 Firebird
> Conferences. We will also add IBExpert tutorial videos to
> learn more about working with Firebird and InterBase with
> IBExpert. There are currently about 20GB of video data
> available, with around 100 hours of firebird related
> presentations from latest 2 Firebird conferences and
> other events (see below for details)
> IMPORTANT: Since the IBExpert Live Server might get a problem
> when too many people load the videos at the same time, please
> do not publish this outside this list before we publish
> IBExpertLive Software officially.
> you are allowed to invite individual interested users to use
> this software, but please do not invite large user groups
> with public announcements outside this list.
> For using IBExpertLive, you need a firebirdconnection via
> internet using port 13050 to our server on IP
> If it does not work, please check first your firewall settings.
> For reporting other problems with IBExpertLive, please use email
> ibexpertlive@.... There might be some videos that are
> not working now, even if they are on the list.
> Download:
> --
> Best Regards
> Holger Klemt
> Firebird Datenbank Training pro Person ab 199 Euro
> The most Expert for InterBase and Firebird -
> HK Software - 26135 Oldenburg - Germany - info@... -
> FBC2005 Ann Harrison: How to repair corrupt databases
> FBC2005 Nando Dassenda: Deploying Firebird transparently on Windows
> FBC2005 Paul Reeves: ISQL Scripting Techniques
> FBC2005 Andrew Morgan: Embedding and using sophisticated mathematics
> in firebird: Fast Forrier transforms, data smoothing and high order
> derivatives.
> FBC2005 Fikret Hasovic: Open Source Delphi
> FBC2005 Louiz Paolo: Implementing applications using Firebird API
> (Interbase 6 API) in Delphi, Lazarus and Free Pascal
> FBC2005 Jason Wharton: IB Objects for Newbies
> FBC2005 Louiz Paolo: Techniques for migrating from My SQL to Firebird
> FBC2005 Stefan Heymann: What Developers Should Know about Character
> Sets, Unicode etc.
> FBC2005 Lucas Franzen: Stored Procedures
> FBC2005 Evegeney Putilin: Firebird and Java Stored Prozedures
> FBC2005 Claus Heeg: Migration and integration of other Databases into
> Firebird using Cold Fusion
> FBC2005 Holger Klemt: Setting up a bidirectional Replication and other
> Solutions based on execute Statement Commands
> FBC2005 Paul Ruizendaal: Solutions Stacks Built on Firebird and PHP -
> Another Flame in the Lamp?
> FBC2005 Pavel Cisar: Firebird Quality Assurance
> FBC2005 Dimitri Kouzmenko: Firebird Performance Optimization for
> Different Applications
> FBC2005 Thomas Steinmaurer: Audit Trails Transaction Log, Redo with
> the IB LobManager product family
> FBC2005 Milan Babuskov: The power of Firebird events
> FBC2005 Martijn Tonies: The Firebird system tables
> FBC2005 Kim Madsen: SOA using kbmMW (Delphi Win32/Net), BCB, Kylix)
> FBC2005 Daniel Magin: Developing Database Application with
> Delphi 2006
> FBC2005 Mauricio Longo: Dynamic Databases - A Conceptual Overview
> FBC2005 Carlos Cantu: PSQL in Action
> FBC2005 Jim Starkey: Configuring Firebird and Vulcan for your application
> FBC2005 Jim Starkey: Vulcan status, features und goals
> FBC2005 Arno Brinkmann: Understanding the Optimizer I
> FBC2005 Paul Beach: Firebird Future development: what to expect
> FBC2005 Mauricio Longo: FireQ Firebird Based Messaging Infrastructure
> (A Dynamic Database Implementation)
> FBC2005 Roman Rokytskyy: JayBird - JCA/JDBC driver for Firebird
> FBC2005 Roman Rokytskyy: JayBird - JCA/JDBC driver for Firebird
> FBC2005 Lester Caine: Firebird on PHP - Intrgrate or abstract
> FBC2005 Jeanot Bijpost: An introduction to Cathedrom
> FBC2005 Andrew Morgan: Creating and managing recursive Structures
> FBC2005 Holger Klemt: Firebird Server Performance - How to make your
> application run faster
> FBC2005 Ann Harrison: First steps in performance tuning
> FBC2005 Milan Babuskov: FlameRobin - sadministration tool for Firebird
> FBC2005 Claus Heeg: Building ERP web application based on Firebird and
> Cold Fusion. Migrating from 4GL applications to web based Applications
> FBC2005 Serg Vostrikov: Getting Started with FIBPlus
> FBC2005 Arno Brinkmann: Under the hood: Data access paths
> FBC2005 Pavel Cisar: Making your owen Firebird PowerTools with Python
> FBC2005 Stefan Heymann: Using Firebird for Quality Management Software
> FBC2005 Serg Vostrikov:
> FBC2005 Fikret Hasovic:
> FBC2005 Jeanot Bijpost:
> FBC2005 Alex Peshkov:
> FBC2005 Alex Peshkov:
> FBC2005 Arno Brinkmann:
> FBC2004 Helen Borrie: creating a shop (the new Example Firebird Database)
> FBC2004 Helen Borrie: Stocking the Shelves and Browsing the store
> FBC2004 Arno Brinkmann: Understanding the Optimizer in Firebird
> FBC2004 Arno Brinkmann: The Optimizer in SQL Examples
> FBC2004 Pavel Cisar: Wrestling Firebird
> FBC2004 Pavel Cisar: Firebird QA
> FBC2004 Lucas Franzen: STORED PROZEDURES I
> FBC2004 Ann Harrison: Lock print
> FBC2004 Frank Ingermann: Client Performance
> FBC2004 Frank Ingermann: FBFreeDB
> FBC2004 Holger Klemt: The Power of "Execute Statements"
> FBC2004 Holger Klemt: corrupt Databases, examples and Solutions
> FBC2004 Holger Klemt: Firebird performance Workshop
> FBC2004 Manuel Morbitzer: PHP and Firebird
> FBC2004 Manuel Morbitzer: Firebird and Visual Studio .NET
> FBC2004 Paul Reeves: Building Firebird Installation Kits for Win32
> FBC2004 Paul Reeves: Firebird System Tables
> FBC2004 Nicolay Samofatov: External Tables
> FBC2004 Nicolay Samofatov: new backup technology
> FBC2004 Jim Starkey: Vulcan Architecture
> FBC2004 Jim Starkey: Vulcan Design Goals
> FBC2004 Thomas Steinmaurer: Serverseitige Programmie-Techniken
> FBC2004 Thomas Steinmaurer: Neuerungen in Firebird1.5
> FBC2004 Martijn Tonies: An Introduction to Firebird for Database
> developers
> FBC2004 Martijn Tonies: The Firebird PSQL language
> FBC2004 Jason Wharton: IBO, Firebird and Advanced
> FBC2004 Hilma Brodner: AvERP I Grundlagen und Administration
> FBC2004 Hilma Brodner: AvERP II Programmierung
> FBC2004 Paul Ruizendaal: Moving applications from Oracle to Firebird
> FBC2004 Artur Anjos: Using Firebird over the Internet
> FBC2004 Bastian Morbitzer: PHPtree Firebird basierende PHP Anwendung
> für Dokumentation und Hilfssystem
> FBC2004 Bastian Morbitzer: The Future of a global Firebird Online
> Documentation System
> FBC2004 Frank Ingermann: The Sparkey of the year Event
> FBC2004 Ann Harrison: QLI
> FBC2004 Lester Caine: PHP - Life after Builder6
> FBC2004 Marc o Dunehue: Firebird and Java I
> FBC2004 Marc o Donehue: Firebird and Java II
> FBC2004 Bernd UA: Delphi 8 and Firebird .NET Provider
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