Subject Re: 2 minutes to know firebird - now in HTML
Author nagypapi
I put up a hungarian translation for revision (especially from people
with a bigger technical vocabulary) :

1.Could you please explain to me what do you mean by these two exactly:
# Referential Integrity
# Multi Generational Architecture

2. When I was translating, I missed the following

-Firebird is a professional database

-Firebird competes fully and in some parts wins over the "big" dbms (I
put this in "if you donate, you will support Firebird in competing
with the best dbmss")

-Firebird has (nearly?) all the functionalities the big ones have

-You should tell poeple the difference between using firebird and
buying ex. oracle (freeness vs support)

-You should tell why they should use firebird, not only list the features

There's this "use embedded for a cd catalog"
Now according to my testing (which was not much) with embedded db, I
have to specify in some way the full path to the db.
To be able to use it as a cd catalog, you should be able to specify a
relative path, since the drive letter of the cd can change. Now was I
missing something, or was I missing something? :)

John "Trumpeteer" Gerevich

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> Enjoy!
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