Subject Re: 2 minutes to know firebird - now in HTML
Author Carlos H. Cantu
> 1.Could you please explain to me what do you mean by these two exactly:
> # Referential Integrity
> # Multi Generational Architecture

I'm not sure how I should explain this :) They are technical terms, so
I think you don't need to translate it :)

> Other:
> There's this "use embedded for a cd catalog"
> Now according to my testing (which was not much) with embedded db, I
> have to specify in some way the full path to the db.
> To be able to use it as a cd catalog, you should be able to specify a
> relative path, since the drive letter of the cd can change. Now was I
> missing something, or was I missing something? :)

AFAIK, you don't need to specify full path. Just put the embedded DLL
at the same path as the FDB file, and use ./my_database.fdb as the
connection string.