Subject RE: [Firebird-general] MSSQL comparison
Author Nigel Weeks
> If anyone has valid ammunition that I can take to a client
> that is making a
> fuss about Firebird performance on Windows compared to MSSQL I would
> appreciate it (as it is likely to save me porting our application). We
> currently run with Firebird 1.5.2 / Jaybird 1.5.5 and would
> potentially have
> to port to SQL Server 2000 / jTDS.

we've had the unfortunate luck to be lumped with a system running on MSSQL
server, being accessed via ODBC over some very long, slow links(Australia

Every single day, someone does something silly, and MSSQL elevates a 'record
lock' to a 'table lock', and locks the entire reporting application, so
no-one else can get information back out.

Yeah, I know about transaction isolation levels, but you can't tell the
managers at the top what they should do/how to handle it.

With Firebird, it can't happen. Your reports will ALWAYS run.

(just a rambling snippet from my experience)