Subject Re: MSSQL comparison
Author Adam
--- In, "Nigel Weeks" <nweeks@...> wrote:
> > If anyone has valid ammunition that I can take to a client
> > that is making a
> > fuss about Firebird performance on Windows compared to MSSQL I would
> > appreciate it (as it is likely to save me porting our application). We
> > currently run with Firebird 1.5.2 / Jaybird 1.5.5 and would
> > potentially have
> > to port to SQL Server 2000 / jTDS.
> >
> we've had the unfortunate luck to be lumped with a system running on
> server, being accessed via ODBC over some very long, slow
> wide).
> Every single day, someone does something silly, and MSSQL elevates a
> lock' to a 'table lock', and locks the entire reporting application, so
> no-one else can get information back out.
> Yeah, I know about transaction isolation levels, but you can't tell the
> managers at the top what they should do/how to handle it.
> With Firebird, it can't happen. Your reports will ALWAYS run.
> (just a rambling snippet from my experience)
> N

This experience sounds similar to an article I was reading the other
day. From memory it was from IBDeveloper. He was curious as to how
other software was handling such problems in reporting, and it would
be humorous if it wasn't data you are relying upon. Dirty reads anyone?