Subject Re: [Firebird-general] The Firebird image
Author Artur Anjos
Helen did a remarkable post here, and I want to complete it with just a
few notes:

1) Some people here argue that "you should do this and that".
Well, we don't. We are all volunteers. We do just what we are able to
do, what we have time to do.

If you have a good idea that could benefit the project, I will be very
happy to help you. Just drop me an email, and tell me what YOU need to
accomplish that.
Just tell me what you need: money, beer, some one to the cleanings, to
cook. You name it !

But, if you have an idea just to make us work, let me inform you that if
you want you can be my boss anytime, as long as you pay me. :-)

2) Firebird-Connect!
Firebird-Connect was created after some of this discussions in this
list. After Fb-Connect was there - suddenly everyone with ideas disappear!
It was really amazing! Now that the have all the ways to do almost
everything "we need to do", there wasn't anyone to do it. :-)

Well, not really. Nigel is doing a great job with Firebird Planet.
Another's are working on the background in another projects.

We just need more people really able to work on things.

3) Believe: we do know what to do.
We just need some more people that really wants to help.
Simple as that.

Drop me a line!


Helen Borrie wrote:
> At 01:07 PM 1/03/2006, you wrote:
>> I agree with the people posting about lack of pr, it seems there is
>> nobody at hand who is willing and has the time and devotion to start a
>> movement in that direction.
> Firebird-connect!
> was formed long ago to form a "point" where people willing to help
> with the PR effort could coordinate.
> But - like always - you get trumpet-blowers in this list (and other
> places) who declaim about what needs to be done but, when it comes to
> putting up their own hands and committing their own energy, they are nowhere.
> If you are more than just another trumpet-blower, get in touch with
> Artur Anjos and tell him what you are willing to do - then, go forth and do it.
> Helen