Subject Re: [Firebird-general] The Firebird image
Author Robin Davis

nagypapi wrote:

> And then what's the first thing I do? I take a look at their webpages.
> And let's be honest, Firebird's just doesn't look like it should.

Just to say I totally agree with everything said in this message. I too
came to Firebird via MySQL. I love Firebird and the more I learn the
more I realize just how much more advanced it is compared to MySQL.

However, there are real deficiencies in the Firebird support structure.
The lack of readily available, easy to navigate online documentation is,
in my opinion, a real drawback. As is the lack of online forums for new
and not so new users to exchange advice and ideas. (For example, at
present, you're in deep trouble if you want to find information about
PHP and Firebird. Where do you look as a casual potential user?). On top
of that, a first visit to the Firebird website suggests a product that
is for enthusiasts not techno-phobic end users. That's always assuming
you can access the site. From here (UK), more often than not, I get a
very slow performance from the site, sometimes even timing out before I
get on. Not a good start.

In my humble opinion, if a new or prospective user could go to a quick
and responsive site and read of success stories, problems solved etc.
they would feel much more comfortable about taking the plunge. Having to
Google for Firebird related sites is not the answer.

I know people can get a little defensive when their hard and essentially
unpaid work gets criticized, but I believe all comments made in these
lists are for the good of a truly superb but under promoted product.

I have no idea how much disk storage or bandwidth the current website
needs, but assuming it's within reasonable bounds, I'm more than happy
to try and arrange for the site to be hosted by my provider if that
would help. I am a new user, not a major web design person, and I don't
have access to a Firebird backend to use for the site, so I'm sure
others could help more. How great it would be for the product if the
site was served by a Firebird backend, and had all the features
mentioned above. It would be the best promotion we could have.

I hope this message is received in the manner in which it was posted.

Rob Davis