Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Get to know Firebird in 2 minutes
Author Christian G├╝tter
Hi Carlos,

English is not my native language, but when reading your document, I
think I found some glitches. If it should occur to someone that I am
not correct, feel free to correct me.

"Relational Integrity rules"
should perhaps better be: "Referential Integrity Enforcement"
or "Referential Integrity"

"SuperServer share
its cache among the database connections and ..."
Please put an "s" at the end of "share".

"It is a full featured Firebird server
packed in just one DLL file, as small as 1.5MB."
I think there has to be a space between "1.5" and "MB".

"Graphic User Interface,"
Should be "Graphical".

"Some of them are free, others are paid."
I am not sure if this is correct English.
You should perhaps write "..., others are not."
or "..., for others, you have to pay."

"Classic x Superserver"
should be "Classic vs Superserver".

"in portuguese"
should have a capital "P".