Subject RE: [Firebird-general] Re: Firebird money matters
Author Si Carter
On this topic, one of the things that stands out when you visit is that there is no direct plea for support on
the homepage, conversely, if you visit there is a
plea for support smack bang in the middle of the page, with a "Donate Now"

On the firebird site you have to visit the "Foundation" menu and then scroll
down past a big photo of a cake being cut, before you realize what the FB
foundation is all about. Although it may seem obvious to those who designed
the site, and I am not knocking the efforts in any way, a bit more of an "in
your face approach" might help bring in some money.

Helen or Ann, I can't remember now, knocked up an image for me for fbtalk,
(, the meaning of an image like
this, displayed prominently on the main page can't be mistaken by many


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