Subject Embers
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
By looking at FB-related projects at SF, I found this:
"GUI Tool for designing, maintaining and querying embedded and client-server
Interbase/Firebird databases."

Registered recently.

Other interesting things among the 90 hits: (Of course!) (Same here) (FIB for Lazarus) (There isn't a CVS link; I
don't understand what's the idea of turning off viewCVS.) (I think several people are
familiar with it) (Native DBExpress driver) (It's disturbing that a Sybase tool
includes FB & MySql in the Database Environment in the Project details, but
the project didn't fly at SF because there commits are a few irrelevant
files 5 years old and the downloads seem to come from previous work) (Ajax IDE, but for NetBeans) (interesting idea, documented here
tml) (Nothing yet) (Nice page at and some files at CVS, but
seems to have stalled 6 months ago) (Apparently didn't fly after it
started in Jan 2005) (Started in 2000, never
happened) (I confess having had the same
idea but only for the client library; this project started in late 2004 and
never went further... maybe people thought that the client library had
totally separate files from the server. Read the description, please) (Second of those tools that
flounders... at least the other did one full release) (I can't say it's dead because in
2005 two devs joined)

I also found several productivity packages. If I had time to test all ERP,
CRM and CMS packages at SF...

If you are curious, I started in this list that has the 90 hits:

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