Subject Re: [Firebird-general] OpenCRX DBMS comparison
Author Martijn Tonies
> > An interesting chart comparing MaxDB, MySQL, PG, FB, DB2, MSSQL and
Oracle in
> > terms of usability with OpenCRX.
> >
> >
> >
> > I guess someone should tell them that MySQL is not so free. Also, some
> > in the chart just don't seem right. They also say that Firebird is "not
> > recommended for production use", but fail to explain why (as they did
> > others). From my POV, it looks like they didn't test Firebird enough.
> Their response:
> > Which DB can/should I use with openCRX?
> that entirely depends on your intended use as explained at
> for anything serious (i.e. not just testing) you should go
> with PostgreSQL, MS SQL, or Oracle (the latter is obviously
> your only choice if you have thousands of concurrent users
> or millions of accounts to manage)
> > Why is Firebird not recommended for production use with
> various limitations (e.g. index size) result in poor
> performance if the number of accounts is bigger than
> about 500 -

Huh... what has that got to do with eachother?

>furthermore, there are some issues with
> views...

Well yes, views are often slowish... Let's hope v2 does better :-)

> > Secondly, you need to have a close look at your definition of
> > "free" for MaxDB and MySQL, they are only "free" if not used
> > commercially.
> I would say we are in full compliance as we do not recommend
> them for production use anyway.
> Bottom line: in most cases PostgreSQL (versions 8.x) is your
> best choice unless you can afford Oracle.

Either way - it's all rather silly...

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