Subject Re: [Firebird-general] OpenCRX DBMS comparison
Author Daniel Rail

At May 11, 2005, 06:25, Martijn Tonies wrote:
>> > Why is Firebird not recommended for production use with
>> various limitations (e.g. index size) result in poor
>> performance if the number of accounts is bigger than
>> about 500 -

> Huh... what has that got to do with eachother?

It might be a reference to OpenCRX's user accounts, not Firebird's.
Obviously if the index size limitation is a problem for their user
account name size. If that's the only limitation they have found, then
maybe FB 2.0 will make it in their recommended list. They seem to be
using Unicode, so if the user's account name is the person's full
name, then it is most likely that they defined it as more than 80
Unicode characters.

>>furthermore, there are some issues with
>> views...

It would be nice if they would mention what are the issues that they
are having with views.

> Well yes, views are often slowish... Let's hope v2 does better :-)

Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing views being precompiled, just short
of going through the optimizer, because of the indices stats can
change with the amount of data. And, when the view is being
referenced, the optimizer would generate the plan at that time.

>> Bottom line: in most cases PostgreSQL (versions 8.x) is your
>> best choice unless you can afford Oracle.

> Either way - it's all rather silly...

Totally agree. They could at least make the recommendations on which
to use depending on the environment. Instead of saying that it's not
recommended for production.

Also, it's surprising that they also mention that Firebird's
performance degrade above 20 concurrent users.

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