Subject RE: [Firebird-general] OpenCRX DBMS comparison
Author Paul Beach
> An interesting chart comparing MaxDB, MySQL, PG, FB, DB2, MSSQL and Oracle in
> terms of usability with OpenCRX.
> I guess someone should tell them that MySQL is not so free. Also, some figures
> in the chart just don't seem right. They also say that Firebird is "not
> recommended for production use", but fail to explain why (as they did for
> others). From my POV, it looks like they didn't test Firebird enough.

Their response:

> Which DB can/should I use with openCRX?
that entirely depends on your intended use as explained at

for anything serious (i.e. not just testing) you should go
with PostgreSQL, MS SQL, or Oracle (the latter is obviously
your only choice if you have thousands of concurrent users
or millions of accounts to manage)

> Why is Firebird not recommended for production use with
various limitations (e.g. index size) result in poor
performance if the number of accounts is bigger than
about 500 - furthermore, there are some issues with

> Secondly, you need to have a close look at your definition of
> "free" for MaxDB and MySQL, they are only "free" if not used
> commercially.

I would say we are in full compliance as we do not recommend
them for production use anyway.

Bottom line: in most cases PostgreSQL (versions 8.x) is your
best choice unless you can afford Oracle.