Subject Re: Summarising the slogan list
Author Miroslav Penchev
--- In, "paulruizendaal" <pnr@j...>
> > > Because the complete list of slogans can easily grow more that
> > > 100 (or 200) it will be hard for a slogan to gain the majority.
> > > Probably the vote itself is better to be divided on two phases:
> > > First phase is to vote for "slogan theme" and [...] after we can
> > > start on voting about concrete slogan
> >
> > Disagreed. Just vote for everything, or make a "5 votes, give
> > from 1 .. 10). After that, make it "vote phase 2" - the 10 or 20
> > best slogans are to be voted on again.
> The first is simpler to do, the second might be better.


> The problem may be less than 100 or 200 entries, because I think --
> with 1 month of reflection behind us -- many proposals on this list
> will not be put forward for the vote.

You are probably right - many of slogans will not get to vote, because
no one supports them now. The number of slogans to vote can grow from
different variations of "one" slogan.

> Also, "getting a majority" may not be the relevant issue. What we
> need is a list of 2..4 slogans that have substantial support and
> we can test with a wider audience.

The "majority" issue can come if we have a huge number of slogans with
2 or 3 votes (for example 100 slogans and 300 people to vote - it will
be likely to not have "2..4 slogans that have substantial support").
The "voting system" you (and Martijn) suggested is solution for that

> Something that works for us may
> not work for the people that we are trying to reach. Commercial
> marketeers would use a "focus group" for such testing.
> Does anybody have a bright idea how to organise this for open
> source projects? Would it be possible to ask FrontRange if some of
> their resellers would be willing to participate in an online focus
> group?

No idea. Will look around.

Miroslav Penchev