Subject Re: Summarising the slogan list
Author paulruizendaal
> > Because the complete list of slogans can easily grow more that
> > 100 (or 200) it will be hard for a slogan to gain the majority.
> > Probably the vote itself is better to be divided on two phases:
> > First phase is to vote for "slogan theme" and [...] after we can
> > start on voting about concrete slogan
> Disagreed. Just vote for everything, or make a "5 votes, give points
> from 1 .. 10). After that, make it "vote phase 2" - the 10 or 20
> best slogans are to be voted on again.

The first is simpler to do, the second might be better. Perhaps
everybody should get 10 points, and distribute these 10 over the
preferred slogans (i.e give 1 slogan 10 points or 2 slogans 5 points,
etc.) Perhaps people should also vote on "most disliked" in parallel,
to have an idea if a slogan is controversial. The problem is: who
will write the software for such a complicated voting system? How
will we provide an audit log, so that everybody can check the
outcome, if so desired?

The problem may be less than 100 or 200 entries, because I think --
with 1 month of reflection behind us -- many proposals on this list
will not be put forward for the vote.

Also, "getting a majority" may not be the relevant issue. What we
need is a list of 2..4 slogans that have substantial support and that
we can test with a wider audience. Something that works for us may
not work for the people that we are trying to reach. Commercial
marketeers would use a "focus group" for such testing.

Does anybody have a bright idea how to organise this for open
source projects? Would it be possible to ask FrontRange if some of
their resellers would be willing to participate in an online focus