Subject Summarising the slogan list
Author paulruizendaal
--- In, "Si Carter"
<simon.carter@t...> wrote:
> OOI has anybody compiled a list of all slogans that have been

No that I know of. Someone on this list offered to set up a voting
web page, so that we could get some feel for the support that various
options have. Unfortunately, I cannot remember who that was.

I would think that this is best handled as a 2-phase effort:

First, there is a page where proposed slogans can be submitted. This
distributes the workload of compiling the list. Also, suggestions
that the author is no longer enthusiastic about are not entered,
whereas they would if we simply compiled all suggestions made to this

Next, there is a page to do the actual popularity poll. I am not sure
how sophisticated this page should be. A simple system should not be
more than a single page of PHP; perhaps there is package out there
for something realy clever, but I do not know of any.

Anybody interesting in taking this on?