Subject Re: More than one?
Author Adam
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> OK! I know that this question is going to have a lot of people rolling
> their eyes and asking "How stupid can anyone be?". Hey, I have spent
> years perfecting that particular trait :)
> But the question... Is it possible to run say MySQL and Firebird on the
> same computer at the same time?

Possible for sure.

Is it a good idea though? In a test environment where you are only
accessing one at a time, it is just a sensible use of limited resources.

I would hesitate to endorse a production environment where both of
these dbms's are competing for the probably quite limited I/O and
memory resources. You would want the databases to sit on separate
disks and a lot of ram to play with, and so on. Before you know it,
you will have probably come up with a similar cost as buying two
boxes. What if the FB advice for a particular problem is to switch off
hyperthreading? What if the MySQL advice was to switch off something
else that was detrimental to FB?

Just my 2c