Subject [ANN] Article about Transactions in SQL
Author Pierre Y.
Hi all,

I published an article about transactions in SQL and usefulness of understanding them to improve performance of sofware applications. It's dedicated to Firebird even if it relies heavily on the SQL Standard and "A Critique of ANSI SQL Isolation Levels" by Berenson, Berstein & al.

Please, let me thank Ann Harrisson for her assistance and all those wich took part of the thread "Supported transaction isolation levels?" in the firebird-architect list.

I wrote in french because I'm not sure I can write and academic english and at first it was intended to the French users of Firebird.

You can send comments, feedback and wishes to pierre*please_dont_spam*@... if you get rid of the *antispam* warning ;-)

Thanks for your attention, regards,

Pierre Y.