Subject Borland is Not Open Sourcing JBuilder....
Author Pavel Cisar
From Borland's community site:


Borland is Not Open Sourcing JBuilder....

A recent article in has been causing some confusion
about Borland’s future plans for JBuilder. The reporter clearly
misinterpreted comments from our recent earnings call and, with no input
from Borland, wrote a story that we had decided to open source JBuilder.

To be clear, we are not open sourcing JBuilder. JBuilder will continue
to be offered, supported and enhanced as a commercial product. As we
announced in February at EclipseCon, we will contribute to the Eclipse
community (in areas like modeling), and also plan to leverage the
openness and extensibility of the Eclipse Rich Client Platform as an
integration framework for JBuilder. This will allow us to bring the best
of today’s JBuilder, and the exciting new technologies we're currently
building, to a larger audience of developers. Stay tuned, in this
quarter, for more details on these innovations.

JBuilder customers will still get the same easy-to-use, enterprise-class
functionality and support they've come to expect from the company who
invented the IDE. Our use of the Eclipse framework will not only help
JBuilder serve the growing Eclipse community, but can also enhance
JBuilder's integration with other ALM technologies from Borland, our
partners, competitors and the open source community. Rest assured that
Borland will continue to advance the capabilities of JBuilder, ensuring
that development teams can depend on it now and in the future.

We believe there will always be a need for companies who can help their
customers maximize the value of their software. We want to play that role.

Erik Frieberg,
Vice President of Product Marketing
Borland Software Corporation