Subject OT: Delphi versions.
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
Hello, all.
You know, I typically don't start off-topic threads, but I need to ask. I
have D6 Enterprise and it has been a lot of time since I don't use it. It
should be that I love too much C++, but anyway.

A friend mine has asked me yesterday which Delphi is the best. Geez, this is
like asking which car brand is the best. After some years, apparently her
employer is allowing her to return to Delphi. Latest version she used when
she worked with me was D4. Of course, I've sent her a lot of questions
regarding what are the employer's demands on the tool before giving an
answer. I don't think her employer will want to go to FB because they are
standarized on MsSql. Since Alicia worked mostly with IB4.2 years ago, I
think that based on such experience she wouldn't dare to suggest IB/FB for
the Ministry of Education, so let's concentrate on the programming tool for

She still does't reply to me answering my questions. However, in advance I
would like to ask you if it makes sense to go beyond D6. For what I see,
there are much more third party components updated to work with D6 than with
D7 and worse, going to D8 doesn't seem to be necessary. Alicia is asking if
I know D2005. Nope.

Thanks for any ideas you have from your experience.
(Helen, if you think this is too far from this list, please let us know so
people that have something to say can reply privately to me.)

Claudio Valderrama C.
Consultant, SW developer. -