Subject Re: [Firebird-general] OT: Delphi versions.
Author Martijn Tonies

> You know, I typically don't start off-topic threads, but I need to ask. I
> have D6 Enterprise and it has been a lot of time since I don't use it. It
> should be that I love too much C++, but anyway.
> A friend mine has asked me yesterday which Delphi is the best. Geez, this
> like asking which car brand is the best. After some years, apparently her
> employer is allowing her to return to Delphi. Latest version she used when
> she worked with me was D4. Of course, I've sent her a lot of questions
> regarding what are the employer's demands on the tool before giving an
> answer. I don't think her employer will want to go to FB because they are
> standarized on MsSql. Since Alicia worked mostly with IB4.2 years ago, I
> think that based on such experience she wouldn't dare to suggest IB/FB for
> the Ministry of Education, so let's concentrate on the programming tool
> now.
> She still does't reply to me answering my questions. However, in advance I
> would like to ask you if it makes sense to go beyond D6. For what I see,
> there are much more third party components updated to work with D6 than
> D7 and worse, going to D8 doesn't seem to be necessary. Alicia is asking
> I know D2005. Nope.

D8 is .NET only ... Assuming the need for Win32 development, that one
is a goner.

If you want .NET and Win32, try D2005.

I'm currently happily using D7, but I must say it has never been fully
stable for me.

With regards,

Martijn Tonies
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