Subject RE: [Firebird-general] Firebird - 1 year later
Author Paul Beach
> Paul, I still don't believe that you have written this. :-))

Apologies, just being very pragmatic :-)
Actually I have no problems with marketing per se, but I tend to
work in cost v's return, and I always expect significant return on
$'s invested in marketing campaigns.
And 0$ + good return is very appealing :-)

> We are a software project and as such we need to invest in all areas.
> Of course there are priorities to be defined, and money should be
> distributed acording to that priorities.
> This simple rule should apply no matter how much money we have. :-)

True, but even more so when funds are tight.

> Marketing is happen now. Firebird Connect! born in January to help
> organizing.
> Without budget, but for the simple reason that we don't need money at
> this stage.

Or ever :-) (hopefully).

(Master of the art of Guerilla Marketing)