Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Firebird - 1 year later
Author Artur Anjos
Paul Beach wrote:

>So other than connect and individual efforts what would you have us do?
>I can't afford to hire marketing people or pay for PR.
Always remember that some of our "marketing" needs are not direct
related to spend money.
Linux distros and porting apps to Firebird are good examples.
I don't believe that MySQL have achieve a high level of popularity just
because of Marketing activities.

>The project grows organically by word of mouth. At some point it
>may hit a turning point that allows such wonderful things like marketing
>to happen (I would still prefer to pay for developers, doc writers, QA etc)
>but until then....
Paul, I still don't believe that you have written this. :-))

We are a software project and as such we need to invest in all areas.
Of course there are priorities to be defined, and money should be
distributed acording to that priorities.
This simple rule should apply no matter how much money we have. :-)

Marketing is happen now. Firebird Connect! born in January to help
Without budget, but for the simple reason that we don't need money at
this stage.