Subject Compiere, announced Release 2.5.2 and Database Independence
Author marius popa
Compiere, announced Release 2.5.2 and Database Independence. With more
then 800,000
downloads and available in over 15 languages, Compiere is used by
small/medium enterprises worldwide. Compiere to date, has been
available on Oracle. We are pleased to announce that it is now also
available on Sybase. Several independent open source projects have
ported Compiere to different databases. The difference to these
approaches and Release 2.5.2 is that all PL/SQL code was ported to Java
and that the database independence layer automatically converts the
dynamically generated SQL to the target database. This allows
simultaneous release on all platforms, avoids laborious porting delays
and minimizes support and maintenance costs. Sybase sponsored
Compiere's database independence project and provided valuable
technical support. You can check out the result at the LinuxWorld
Conference in Boston. Compiere provides a database kit for additional
databases. The requirement for a Compiere database are the support of
views and user defined functions (preferably in SQLJ).


Marius - developer