Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: migration from ms-sql to firebird
Author Martijn Tonies
> > well some complaints are true the users expect that "password",
> > "time" can be used for fields name if they came from mssql or other
> > databases (oracle ..etc) and all to be smooth (no pain , no *manual
> > reading*)
> I've no MS SQL or Oracle background, but when I started working here I
> objected to getting the username SET even before being introduced to
> InterBase (albeit it was the idea of GRANT ALL ON <table> TO SET that
> made Aage change his mind and agree that STY might be a better choice)
> .
> I've no problem agreeing that the Oracle and MS SQL way of allowing
> 'reserved words' as field names are easier for users, but I also found
> the article (or rather, an article that it links to) to be not quite
> right. Someone complained about having to run each SQL statement
> separately rather running all in one go through IB_SQL, but if he'd
> chosen the script part of IB_SQL rather than the DSQL or Cursor part,
> he could have executed everything in one go.

Add to that: "things need to be quoted" or they will be uppercased
and the application cannot run the statements anymore.



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