Subject Re: migration from ms-sql to firebird
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
--- In, marius popa wrote:
> well some complaints are true the users expect that "password",
> "time" can be used for fields name if they came from mssql or other
> databases (oracle ..etc) and all to be smooth (no pain , no *manual
> reading*)

I've no MS SQL or Oracle background, but when I started working here I
objected to getting the username SET even before being introduced to
InterBase (albeit it was the idea of GRANT ALL ON <table> TO SET that
made Aage change his mind and agree that STY might be a better choice)

I've no problem agreeing that the Oracle and MS SQL way of allowing
'reserved words' as field names are easier for users, but I also found
the article (or rather, an article that it links to) to be not quite
right. Someone complained about having to run each SQL statement
separately rather running all in one go through IB_SQL, but if he'd
chosen the script part of IB_SQL rather than the DSQL or Cursor part,
he could have executed everything in one go.