Subject linuxquestions results - rfc
Author marius popa
there are many questions about linux questions "awards" so we don't have
to cry if we are not on the top *YET* ;)

Browser of the Year - Firefox (77.12%) [100% agree]
Distribution of the Year - Slackware (19.36%) [That is weird - i think
unbuntu came out of the nowhere and took a lot of press room]
LiveCD Distribution of the Year - Knoppix (57.69%) [ED: here i think
unbuntu is the best]
Database of the Year - MySQL (53.51%) [No comments ;)]
Desktop Environment of the Year - KDE (58.25%) [KDE ? omg gnome rocks
the desktop - Unbuntu , Suse , redhat fedora ...]
Window Manager of the Year - Fluxbox (31.14%) [Ok no comments ]
Office Suite of the Year - (84.85%) [No alternative yet
or do we ? I started using AbiWord and gnumeric and they rock and they
are fast!]
Word Processor of the Year - oowriter (63.75%) [Abi? maybe ]
Spreadsheet of the Year - oocalc (57.57%) [Slow]
Audio Multimedia Application of the Year - XMMS (45.83%) [I started
using ryhtmbox and is simple without so many skinns ]
Video Multimedia Application of the Year - mplayer (49.85%) [Totem
installed with the distro and works on all! moovies ]
Security App of the Year - nmap (37.14%) [agree]
Hardening App of the Year - SELinux (68.65%) [ok i'm using lids]
Editor of the Year - vi/vim (36.37%) [Eclipse]
Web Development Editor of the Year - Quanta (50.88%) [Who the hack is
using that : nvu is the only dw alternative i use on linux/windows]
IDE of the Year - Kdevelop (37.77%) [Hhahhahahah, Why don't we use
Eclipse - the mother of all ides]
Mail Client of the Year - Thunderbird (47.60%) [agree]
Open Source Game of the Year - Frozen Bubble (25.52%) [ok]
Commercial Game of the Year - UT2004 (38.86%)[ok]
Windows on Linux App of the Year - Wine (42.59%) [ok]
File Manager of the Year - Konqueror (30.59%) [mc]
Messaging App of the Year - Gaim (56.00%) [OK]
Graphics App of the Year - GIMP (72.82%) [ok]
MTA of the Year - PostFix (45.57%) [exim it has support for firebird]

Marius - developer