Subject Fwd: Firebird Article
Author marius popa
Josh King can help us with publishing articles about firebird
(interviews,tutorials ...)
OK said firfox , I think he miss-typed Firebird

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From: Josh King <josh@...>
Date: Dec 20, 2005 1:24 AM
Subject: Firebird Article
To: mapopa@...


I have been reading some of the docs and such on Firebird and am really
interested in it. I have been thinking about maybe writing an article
for covering Firefox. Would you be willing to perhaps do
an interview via email about the software, development, history, etc.?
If not you, is there someone else maybe that would be willing to do such
an article?

It wouldn't be a huge rush; I know many people are extremely busy this
time of year. But, I think the project deserves some good PR and would
love to help out if I can.

Josh King

Lead Administrator