Subject Firebird Wiki
Author Nigel Weeks
On the firebird-support list yesterday were some questions about Wiki's that
can run on Firebird as their DB, I'm wondering if we can have a Wiki FOR

To have an on-line repository of questions/answers, tutorials, and articles
that everyone can contribute to (after moderation, if needed), it'd be
We do see a lot of questions repeated here, so a Wiki dedicated to those
users starting out/coders/seasoned developers would, in my mind, be a
fantastic resource.

I'm aware (thanks HB) of the following Wiki's:

But they're either fairly specialised(Java only), or so broad that Firebird
information would get lost in the mass of data it contains.

Sourceforge provides MySQL DB's, but it'd be nicer if the official Wiki
could be powered by our DB.
This means we couldn't host it at sourceforge - anyone interested?

Could be get


Nigel Weeks