Subject Re: [Firebird-general] International PHP Conference
Author Artur Anjos
Lester Caine wrote:

> My own paper has not been accepted, but I see that Ard Biesheuvel has a
> couple of papers.

In this website someone talks about a PHP White Paper, that was made by
a french institution. When I look at this I remember that I have an old
idea about this kind of a paper for Firebird. Maybe I can use it as a
topic guide.

I did find the french paper, but I like to see this paper in english.
Does anyone know where I can get it? The paper in english should have
another name, I google around for it without any luck.

PHP White Paper : selling PHP to your customers

The PHP White paper is a full featured brochure, published by French
assocation AFUP, and used by all PHP vendors. In a few pages, and a nice
printed layout, it gathers all the marketing information for customers
to adopt the plate-form. More than just an advocacy document, and closer
to a real advertisement, it gather keys informations : PHP figures,
outstanding fulfilment, PHP context and components, major advantages
over competition, and even some limitation. Freely available, communty
build and business friendly, the PHP White paper may be the key tool to
successfully making PHP competiting where the concurent technologies do
not expect it.