Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: Article
Author marius popa
Myles Wakeham wrote:
> I definitely think that there is a HUGE window of opportunity to get new
> adoptees of Firebird out there. We went through the 'Open Source Database
> Analysis process' last year, and here is why we chose Firebird (the options
> we checked against were MySQL, PostgreSQL and Firebird). I'm sure thousands
> of others are in the same decision making boat:
> 1. Firebird is the only one to offer BOTH a server deployment and an
> embedded database. This is critical if you are giving someone a free,
> single user 30 day trial of a program before they purchase a full network
> installation of it. I don't want to install database servers on their
> single user PC, and I don't want to have to write multiple different
> database access layers in our software.
> 2. Only Firebird and MySQL natively install on Windows. PostgreSQL
> requires Cygwin, which turns off most Windows people.
> 3. Firebird offers stored procedure support. This is critical to us as
> we like to embed the data management routines for our database into the
> database itself, rather than have this run on the clients. This allows us
> to produce a very thin client application. MySQL (other than the v5
> release) doesn't have stored procedure support. PostgreSQL does, but isn't
> available natively in Windows.
> 4. The Firebird community rocks!
> Hence Firebird is the winner for us.
> Now onto the technical merits of it....
> Myles


We need this kind of articles (the more the better)

Anyone picked it ? if not have to find someone to write it ...